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"If ever a time should come when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin."
--Samuel Adams

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"The FBI still engages in familiar bureaucratic cover-ups when its missteps are made public"

--The New York Times
September 26, 2010

An FBI agent slinking around your quiet American suburbia, knocking on your neighbors' doors and asking questions about you.  Could be disconcerting to some, especially those of the criminal or terrorist persuasion.  But the subject of the FBI's interest was neither.  Nor was he particularly concerned, much less disconcerted, by an FBI agent asking his neighbors about him.  Even if, secretly, it was all about terrorism.

Special Agent Tim Murphy left his card pinned under a windshield wiper on a car in the driveway of the subject of interest, but it should not have been there.  Murphy should not have been there, unless the FBI's standard response to receiving information it solicits is to contact everyone but the source of that information, and even then not until years after the fact.

According to the neighbors, Murphy's interest seemed to be in determining the subject's residence in the home on the North side of the cul-de-sac.  He could have asked the IRS, which had begun doing the same thing a year earlier just after the subject of the FBI's interest had a video conference in February 2010 with two so-called "journalists" at ABC News.  For some strange reason, however, the IRS couldn't quite seem to get the address right for several months despite being repeatedly informed, in writing and by phone.  The taxman did finally get it right just in time to slap the G-man's subject of interest with an illegal and completely unfounded federal tax lien.  No notice -- a violation of IRS rules as well as federal law -- except that his credit report had suddenly and dramatically changed.  Nevermind that the U.S. Government actually owed him nearly $8,000.

After stirring up the neighbors as part of his "secret" terrorism "investigation", Murphy finally made contact with the resident of the house, a retired federal law enforcement officer and whistleblower.  Murphy said he'd been directed by the FBI Washington Field Office (WFO) to interview the subject regarding the whereabouts of indicted TWA 847 hijacker Mohammed Ali Hamadei and whether he was still alive.  It was very odd, not just because the retired federal agent had no firsthand knowledge of those details, but because the FBI had already
known for more than two years how to contact the source that did.

The oddities didn't end there.  In an email on February 22, 2011, Murphy stated that according to a lead originating from the Washington Field Office, the retired federal agent "was reported to be instrumental in communicating the photographs and communicating Hamadi's 'possible' locations".  In reality, the photograph had been "communicated" to the FBI by way of an unauthorized leak from a former CIA analyst in September 2008, just before the retired agent became involved in the case.  And Hamadei's actual -- not "possible" -- locations had been disclosed to the Washington Field Office by someone else in December 2009 in a communiqué that an FBI employee had ignorantly labeled "spam", introducing further enmity and suspicion into the already maddening interaction brought about by, then, 15 months of FBI inaction.

Murphy also made reference to an email address and again stated that according to the lead from the Washington Field Office, the address was that of Mohammed Hamadei.  The problem with that was the Washington Field Office had known that to be false.  Whether Murphy knew is unclear.  Still, he had been given all of this misinformation by the FBI Washington Field Office and tasked to interview someone who had no direct knowledge and no involvement in communicating anything to the FBI.

If that weren't enough to raise serious questions about what exactly the FBI was doing or thought it was doing, at a later meeting that same February involving a second agent acting as an observer, Murphy stated that he had tried to access the VeriSEAL website from his field office as part of his investigation, but that the FBI server was blocking access.  He called it "asinine" for FBI headquarters to assign him to investigate the matter and then block the site.  Murphy said that he'd submitted a written memorandum requesting the website be unblocked so that he could competently conduct his investigation.

But perhaps most bizarre of all was when Murphy asked the retired federal agent why Hamadei's facial mole was misplaced on the botched composite created by the FBI itself and publicly released in January 2010 two weeks after the FBI received the information on Hamadei's locations.

"Asinine" was an excellent word to describe it all.  Had Special Agent Murphy been deliberately mislead by FBI headquarters for some reason?  Or is the FBI's incompetence so deep and vast that it cannot be accurately measured by any instrument known to man?  If Murphy believed the actions of FBI headquarters to be asinine, it would seem that he could simply have accessed the site from his personal computer to review the information somebody in the FBI apparently didn't want him to see, making note of that action and the reason for it in his report.

The FBI "investigation" Murphy cited as the basis for interviewing the retired federal agent was little more than a joke, an after-the-fact contrivance in which the FBI put on an appearance of investigating what it already knew, as if it had all just suddenly come to light.  But what was the origin of the supposed investigation?  What was its impetus?  Had the FBI arbitrarily decided one day to pull a name from a hat, investigate the randomly-selected person of interest and ask him what he knew?  Of equal importance: what was the outcome of the FBI investigation into what amounted to the FBI's failure to take any action for more than two years?

Almost everything that had come from the FBI's Washington Field Office in agent Murphy's email of February 22, 2011 was completely false.  The exception was the FBI's limited description of the retired federal agent's background, notable because it was the only accurate information and it had not originated with the FBI.  It came from an email in October 2008 addressed to blogger Debbie Schlussel.  How did it end up in the hands of the FBI?  Schlussel had forwarded the email to Patrick Stethem, the brother of Robert Stethem, who in turn had given it to the FBI.  In a telephone call to Schlussel on December 30, 2010, Special Agent Greg McNutt of the Washington Field Office stated that he was "now in charge" of the FBI's Mohammed Hamadei investigation and that Patrick Stethem had "sent [McNutt's] boss many documents and emails regarding his communications with VeriSEAL and ABC News Reporter Brian Ross".  However, Stethem had not had any communications with VeriSEAL prior to September 29, 2010 or after, and those "communications" -- in which it was painfully obvious that he was operating on substantially false information -- were initiated by Stethem.

The "many" documents and emails to which McNutt referred must then have been between Patrick Stethem and Brian Ross, if indeed there were "many".  But only one communication, in the first week of September 2010, is of particular interest.  That was when Ross told Stethem that the reason ABC News had not reported that Mohammed Hamadei had been found, photographed and followed for years by a non-governmental group while the FBI did nothing was because "a man with a computer in Brussels was demanding money" -- a preposterous claim that Ross' own source, whom Ross himself once described in an ABC News report as a senior federal law enforcement official, promptly and most appropriately labeled "bullshit".  He wasn't the only one calling Brian Ross a liar.  The FBI later seemed to imply the same.

Among the "many" things that agent McNutt told Debbie Schlussel was that Ross was interviewed by the FBI and had provided a "conflicting" account to that of Patrick Stethem regarding why ABC News had buried the story.  But Stethem didn't work for ABC News and could not have provided any firsthand information.  Unless he decided to make up his own story for no apparent reason, his account to the FBI would have been based entirely on what Brian Ross had told him.  The "conflict" would seem to be the result of Brian Ross telling the FBI something different than what he'd told Patrick Stethem -- that is, if everything in that part of the FBI's account is true.  If so, the FBI would know that Ross had told two different stories.

This is far from the only "conflict".  In his call to Schlussel, McNutt acknowledged, according to her, that the FBI's digitally "enhanced" and "sophisticated" composite of Hamadei, jointly released by the FBI and State Department "Rewards for Justice" program in January 2010, was "a big screw-up".  It was a screw-up in more ways than one, but McNutt didn't specify what aspect he was referring to.  Was it the fact that the FBI already had a real photo of Hamadei before it released an "enhanced" composite that doesn't look anything like him?  Was it the FBI's "sophisticated" relocation of one of his identifying features from one part of his face to another?  Or was it the highly suspect timing of the release?

McNutt also said the FBI had no evidence that Hamadei was dead.  The fact that he wasn't and isn't perhaps had something to do with the FBI's total void of evidence that he'd been killed.  But that apparently hadn't stopped the bureau from advising the Stethems that he was.  Conspicuously, neither McNutt nor Murphy made any mention of the drone strike into which somebody, using sensitive information that had been given to ABC News producer Rhonda Schwartz, attempted to slip Hamadei's imaginary corpse at a time when the FBI was deservedly being mocked for its failure to act on any of the intelligence it had previously been given.

According to Schlussel, Patrick Stethem called her at the time to report that the FBI had told him that Hamadei had been killed in the strike.  Oliver North at Fox News reported much the same thing, saying the information had come from one of Robert Stethem's family members and had been "confirmed by an independent source".  However, according to the sources that had been tracking Hamadei for years up to that point, not only was he not dead, he hadn't even been present at the scene of the strike.  Further, ProPublica reporter Michael Grabell claimed in August to have also confirmed that Hamadei was alive, but asked his source -- the same retired federal agent whom Murphy would interview more than six months later -- to keep it quiet.

How Oliver North's "independent source" managed to confirm Hamadei's death when it hadn't happened is a mystery, as is how North came to be reporting it as fact.  Surely the FBI would want to find out who was behind this justice-obstructing fakery and how it came to pass.  After all, it was a big part of the reason McNutt was on the phone with Schlussel and Murphy was talking to a retired federal agent who was in contact with a source in direct contact with the source of the intelligence Murphy referenced in his email.  But both FBI agents were silent on the leak-enabled drone deception as though it had never happened.

The FBI's avoidance of the elephant in the room, stepping around it while affecting to search for it in drawers, cupboards, and under pebbles in the garden, raises some disturbing questions that should have been asked -- and reported on -- by certain members of the press who were privy to sensitive non-governmental information long before Hamadei's concocted drone killing.  Some of those questions pertain to the media itself.

What, if anything, the FBI's supposed investigation produced is unclear.  It didn't accomplish any of the objectives Murphy had indicated in his February 2011 email.  The FBI once again made no attempt to establish contact with the source of the intelligence on Hamadei, obtained no additional imagery or location information, and did not succeed in coming any closer to capturing him despite the fact that more than six months after he was "killed", and even as the FBI was pretending to investigate, the source was still tracking him.

Apart from two individuals observed prowling around the retired federal agent's home in the middle of the night almost four months after his interview with Murphy -- possibly to retrieve something left behind during a previously detected breaking and entering for which a "welcome" message had been written on a bathroom mirror -- there were no further developments.  The FBI's "investigation" simply dissipated into nothing, which is exactly what fake investigations do.


September 24, 2013, marked five years since the FBI and US State Department received intelligence that would have enabled them to capture one of the hijackers of TWA Flight 847.  But the FBI was too busy manufacturing fake terrorists in order to justify its bloated budget (and maintain terrorism fear levels).  And the State Department ... well, they were too busy being as incompetent as they've always been.  Neither ever acted on the intelligence, never contacted the source, and the suspect still remains on the Most Wanted Terrorists list while the FBI and State Department continue to pretend as though nothing happened.

But something did happen -- the usual something that has become all too familiar when federal government employees screw up and misappropriate government resources to conceal it from the public and their representatives in Congress.

After we began exposing this obscenity in 2010, the FBI came calling.  But it wasn't to find the facts.  It was to double-down on their cover-up.  The FBI chose to continue playing games and more information was released.  There is still more yet to be disclosed concerning the FBI's activities targeting those who responded to its calls for help.

So if you came here for SOF verification, that's all fine and well and we will be glad to help.  However, to paraphrase the Naval Special Warfare Command's PAO in 2005: We've got one hot issue burning every day -- a lot bigger than some guy claiming to be a SEAL.  Bear that in mind, because we're on one frequency and...



FBI NO Fidelity NO
                                                Bravery NO Integrity

Three days after a June 17, 2010 article in The Independent declared ProPublica and its Editor-In-Chief Paul Steiger the new "champion" of investigative journalism, Deutsche Presse-Agentur declared Mohammed Ali Hamadei a new corpse in Washington's drone war.

That Hamadei was, at the time of his alleged killing, the focus of a troubling story that had been exclusively in the hands of ProPublica since the autumn of 2008, has never been reported anywhere ... most notably, not by the new
investigative journalism "champion" itself.

Your Corrupt Government
24 AUG 2010

FBI Director Robert "BS"

When the FBI adds someone to its list of "Most Wanted," asking for help to catch a dangerous terrorist, it goes without saying that the government, up to that point, has been unable to apprehend whoever it is they're after, and seeks outside assistance.  Apparently that's not so obvious to some at the FBI.

A VeriSEAL investigation has confirmed that in at least one major case, the FBI received that assistance, but took no action for nearly two years, during which time numerous chances to capture a supposedly "most-wanted" terrorist were missed.  Then the bureau did something really stupid...

"Please help us ... We ask for your assistance ... Be on the lookout ... Someone, somewhere, has information ..."

"Who is the 'they' that have someone in contact with him?...Where did the picture come from?"
Special Agent Thomas Hastings
Critical Incident Response Group
24 September 2008, 18:12 EDT

To: Paul Evancoe [AEGISARMOR.COM]
Subject: (S/PROPIN) Re: URGENT
Date sent: Thu, 19 Nov 2009 06:21:32 -0600


A Lebanese individual of significant interest is presently located in NW Pakistan tribal region.  Subject is expected to return to Lebanon in the coming week.

Advise Ken so that should he be so inclined, he may inquire of his FBI contact regarding potential intercept of the individual.  Current subject photo was obtained and relayed to FBI, DOJ and State over 1 year ago.

14 January 2010
State Dept, FBI Release Digitally Enhanced
Photos Of Most Wanted Terrorist Suspects

“It is our hope that these digitally enhanced images will help someone recognize these terrorist suspects and then contact the Rewards for Justice program with information that leads to their apprehension,” said Robert Eckert, assistant director for Diplomatic Security’s Threat Information and Analysis Directorate, which oversees the Rewards for Justice program.

"These new images are powerful examples of how advances in technology and science can be used to help find and bring to justice wanted persons,” said Louis E. Grever, Executive Assistant Director for the FBI's Science and Technology Branch.

FBI Hamadei 'composite' based on
                                  Mohammed Ali Hamadei

"Oh my God, this is very significant and disturbing"
Rhonda Schwartz, ABC News, 03 February 2010

"U.S. Department of Justice Allows 'Most Wanted Terrorist' To Go Free"
VeriSEAL Special Information Alert, 22 May 2010

                                                    Schwartz ABC News

Liar Fraud
                                                    Sociopath Brian Ross
                                                    ABC News
                                                    Investigative Unit
                                                    The Blotter Blot
From: Schwartz, Rhonda (ABC News)
Sent: 06/01/10 06:08 PM
Subject: RE: Suggestion

Right through front door always best idea.  Couple questions:

a) Is it ok to use the surveillance photo we received?

b) Would you or teammate give us a taped interview – general idea of questions:  Why were you and your colleagues motivated to bring him to justice?  Level of difficulty – could US Government have done this themselves?  Should they have done it themselves?  What happened when you tried to get the information to them.

c) Is the information I received about [REDACTED] still current as far as you know?

In terms of confronting government officials – in terms of specifics of who we hold accountable:  Which government agencies did you contact first in which order?  (The most outrageous seems to be from the woman who said this wasn’t her department)

It’s always most effective to directly confront the individuals- is there an e-mail trail beyond what I received?

If we could talk directly – maybe via skype? – would be easier


From:    [REDACTED]
To:    rhonda.schwartz@abc.com
Subject:    Re: Q&A
Date sent:    Tue, 08 Jun 2010 05:53:47 -0400

"As relayed earlier, ABC can use the photo, provided background is removed..."

20 June 2010

US drone attack kills Lebanese terrorist in Pakistan

Peshawar, Pakistan - A major Lebanese terrorist released by the German government five years ago has been killed in a US drone attack in Pakistan's tribal region, Pakistani intelligence sources said on Sunday.

Mohammed Ali Hamadi died when a missile fired by a CIA-operated unmanned drone aircraft destroyed a compound in North Waziristan, a known hub of al-Qaeda and Taliban militants, on Saturday.

"Altogether 16 militants died in the drone attack and 11 of them were foreigners," said a Pakistani intelligence official who spoke on condition of anonymity. The term foreigner is used to refer to al- Qaeda associated operatives of Arab and Central Asian origin.

"We have identified those who were killed and among them is Mohammad Ali Hamadi," added the official.

Another intelligence official who also sought anonymity verified the death of Hamadi. However, there was no government official available who could confirm the killing on record.

Hamadi, 46, is an alleged member of the Lebanese militant organization Hezbollah. He was sentenced by a West German court in 1987 for 19 years for skyjacking a Trans World Airlines flight in 1985. One US Navy diver was killed in the hostage-taking event.

The convict was released on parole in 2005 by German authorities, after which Hamadi is believed to have returned to Lebanon. In 2006, the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) put his name on its list of most wanted terrorists.

Pakistani intelligence officials said that Hamadi traveled to Afghanistan to fight NATO troops in November 2009 and joined the Central Asia-based al-Qaeda linked terrorist group Jamaat al-Jihad al-Islami, which is believed to have recruited many Turkish and German nationals.

In March 2010, Hamadi came to Pakistan's North Waziristan district, from where al-Qaeda and Taliban fighters conduct cross-border attacks on international forces in Afghanistan, to join colleagues based there.

"Hamadi and his comrades were in a meeting to plan further attacks in Afghanistan when the drone strike took place," a Pakistani intelligence official said.

Among the other killed were: Atif bin Saeed, believed to be a close associate of al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden; Turkish national Abdul Waheed al-Turkey; Saudi citizens Abdul Hamam and Brother Gul (a nick name); and Palestinian national Abdul Wali.

Oliver 'Lt
                                                    Colonel Tool' North
Fox News Insider
June 22, 2010  8:53 a.m. ET

Hunting Down Hezbollah Killers
by Lt. Col. Oliver North 

Hellfire Justice

"On Saturday, June 18, 2010, Mohammed Ali Hamadi was killed by a missile launched from a remotely piloted aircraft [RPA] in North Waziristan, Pakistan. Justice has finally been served via Hellfire missile.

"This information was provided by one of Robert’s family members. It has since been confirmed by an independent source.
The Rest of the Story

TWA flight 847, with more than 100 passengers and crew aboard, was hijacked on June 13, 1985, en route from Athens to Rome and diverted to Beirut, Lebanon. According to eyewitness accounts, Petty Officer Stethem, a U.S. Navy Seabee Diver, was brutally beaten and tortured by the terrorists who then shot him and dumped his body onto the airport tarmac. Thirty-nine other passengers and crew were held hostage aboard the aircraft for 17 days.

Hamadi and three other members of Hezbollah: Imad Mughniyah, Hasan Izz-Al-Din and Ali Atwa were indicted for their involvement in the hijacking and other acts of terror. Hamadi was arrested in Germany in 1987 when he arrived at Frankfurt airport with explosives in his luggage. German officials refused U.S. extradition requests and he was eventually tried, convicted and sentenced to life in prison by a German court.

On December 20, 2005, Hamadi was paroled by German authorities and allowed to return to Lebanon after serving just 18 years of his “life sentence.” Two days later, Susanne Osthoff, a German archeologist, kidnapped in Iraq by a Shiite militia group, was released by her captors. German authorities deny Hamadi was freed in a “hostage swap.”

According to a former U.S. intelligence official, information on Hamadi’s location in North Waziristan was collected by “human sources not technical methods.” Hamadi is the second Hezbollah terrorist implicated in the Stethem murder to die violently. Imad Mughniyah was killed in an unexplained explosion in Damascus, Syria on February 12, 2008. Hasan Izz-Al-Din and Ali Atwa remain at large with a $5 million bounty on their heads. The U.S. government neither confirms nor denies that U.S. RPAs operate over Pakistan.

The USS Stethem, DDG 63, was commissioned on October 22, 1995. Petty officer Robert Stethem’s parents, Richard and Patricia, and his brothers, Kenneth and Patrick all served in the U.S. Navy.

Watch this space for updates.

If you are reading this report and are a member of Hezbollah, Al Qaeda or Hamas, know this: we never forget.  [all emphasis NORTH]

Semper fidelis, Oliver North

[Red indicates day/date error by North]

"Wow.  Weird."
Michael Grabell, ProPublica, June 23, 2010

"I just received a call from Katherine and Patrick Stethem, the sister-in-law and brother of Navy diver Robert Dean Stethem, who informed me that, over the weekend, Mohammad Ali Hamadi–the Hezbollah terrorist who murdered Rob Stethem–was killed by U.S. drones over Pakistan.  The story hasn’t been covered by any mainstream English-language media, but it is all over the non-English foreign press.  One wonders why America is not publicizing and celebrating the elimination of this top terrorist and vile being.  Hamadi is on the FBI list of most wanted terrorists."

Debbie Schlussel, June 23, 2010

"Tell them that I'm working on it, but it won't be any time in the next few days.  I can't stop them from disseminating their story, but I'd ask that they please don't mention that I'm working on this story to anyone, or what I told you yesterday about Hamadei still being alive.  That was confidential between us."

Michael Grabell, ProPublica

August 17, 2010

From:    [REDACTED]
To:    VeriSEAL
Subject:    [NO SUBJECT]
Date sent:    Tue, 7 Sep 2010 18:35:29 -0700

"Brian Ross was recently in contact with the Stethems ... Ross told the Stethems that the reason they didn't do the story was because [you guys] asked for money to do the story, and that ABC doesn't pay for stories.  It's all Bullshit.  Not only was that not true, ABC does pay for stories."

"[T]he Hamadei killing story was a lie"
VeriSEAL Investigation, 29 September 2010

FBI lied TWA
                                            847 Mohammed Ali Hamadei 30 SEP 2010
FBI Lied to Family of Murdered Navy Diver
Said wanted terrorist was killed in drone strike in Pakistan, knew it was not true.  Lie was part of FBI attempt to hide major counter-terrorism failure

FBI 'Lead
                                            Agency' Terrorism Task Force

"S5 is REALLY pissed at Patrick Stethem.  He just sent an email claiming that S5 leaked their conversation to VeriSEAL, and that he never claimed that the FBI told him that Hamadei was killed.  S5 told him that he did say that, and he is now claiming that what he originally told S5 was that 'another organization' reported to him 'and the FBI believed the report to be true.'  S5 is pissed at the word semantics he is now playing and wants nothing more to do with him."

29 Sep 2010  16:22 ET

ABC Brian Ross
                                            FBI Informant 11 NOV 2010
Brian Ross Gets Investigated
Liar...Hypocrite...Scumbag...Sociopath: ABC News' phony investigative "journalist" exposed a whistleblower and lied to family of murdered sailor to help cover up FBI national security fraud

"FBI has no evidence Hamadei is dead"
FBI Special Agent Gregory McNutt, 30 December 2010
From:    [REDACTED]
Subject:    FLASH
Date sent:    Thu, 30 Dec 2010 14:14:11 -0800

"...[MCNUTT] stated that he interviewed [ROSS] ... that he is getting conflicting stories from [ROSS] and [PATRICK STETHEM] regarding why ABC News dropped the story ... [MCNUTT] stated that the FBI does not have evidence that [HAMADEI] is dead, but that they also do not have evidence that he is alive..."

FBI Most Wanted
                                          Terrorist Mohammed Ali Hamadei
From: "Murphy, Tim K. (FBI)" <Tim.Murphy2[at]ic.fbi.gov>
Date: February 22, 2011 2:11:27 PM PST
Subject: Thursday's Meeting


Thank you for agreeing to meet on Thursday. This is the UNCLASSIFIED information from the lead:

"[REDACTED] was reported to be instrumental in communicating the photographs and communicating Hamadi's possible locations.  Investigation indicates that [REDACTED] was a [REDACTED] and [REDACTED], a [REDACTED] and a member of [REDACTED].  He reportedly testified before Congress on national security matters with his identity concealed. His email address is [REDACTED]."

"WFO requests [REDACTED] be interviewed with regards to his personal and specific knowledge of Hamadi's current location, any sources or contacts who may be able to provide specific detailed information on Hamadi's location, current photographs of Hamadi, the origin of the photographs, any information he may have on email address [REDACTED], and his personal and specific knowledge of any previous information that was provided to the FBI, in reference to Hamadi [REDACTED]."

The lead also said that [REDACTED] was that of Mohammed Hamadei.

From:    [REDACTED]
Subject:    [NO SUBJECT]
Date sent:    Tue, 1 Mar 2011 11:18:09 -0800

"Murphy began by asking me if I knew if [HAMADEI] was alive ... I told Murphy that at a certain point, I realized the story was extremely scandalous ... Murphy continuously mentioned the name of a 'former SEAL type' living in [REDACTED] ... Murphy asked me if I ever knew the home address of [HAMADEI].  I stated that I never had personal or direct knowledge of [HAMADEI'S] whereabouts, but that my sources did have such knowledge ... That's when Murphy said something I found astonishing ... Murphy stated that he had tried to access the VeriSEAL website from his field office, but that the FBI server was blocking the website.  He stated how asinine it was for FBI Headquarters to task him to investigate this matter, then block the VeriSEAL website ... He stated that he put in a written memorandum requesting to have the website unblocked so that he could competently conduct his investigation ... Murphy asked if I knew any individuals who had been given the information about [HAMADEI], including his picture.  I stated that I had knowledge that officials from DOJ, FBI, DOS, and members of Congress had all been contacted by my sources, and none of them acted on the information ... Murphy asked me about the FBI [composite] and why the mole was relocated.  I said he should check with his superiors on that one."

At least one of these things is not like the others
At least one of these things just doesn't belong

                                              Grabell Stephen Engelberg
                                              ProPublica Rhonda Schwartz
                                              Brian Ross ABC NewsIn an e-mail on 22 February 2011, FBI Special Agent Tim Murphy stated that according to a "lead" originating from the Washington Field Office "[REDACTED] was reported to be instrumental in communicating the photographs and communicating Hamadi's possible locations."

But the source identified by Murphy had not communicated the Hamadi photograph(s) or information on his locations to the FBI.  He had communicated that information only to ABC's Brian Ross and his producer Rhonda Schwartz, and to Michael Grabell and Stephen Engelberg of ProPublica.  No one else.

28 APR 2011
The Government That Cried Wolf
"Conflicting accounts": U.S. government claims it requested extradition before terrorist's release.  Germany and Lebanon say not true

16 JUN 2011
Ninja Wannabes
Watching the watchers: prowlers observed outside home of retired federal agent under government surveillance for helping blow the whistle on FBI's ongoing fraud

04 AUG 2011
Aiding and Abetting a Terrorist
Government makes good use of its useful media idiots and accomplices to suppress a "highly significant" and "extremely scandalous" story

FBI Most
                                                  Wanted Terrorist
                                                  Mohammed Ali Hamadei 11 SEP 2011
Covering Up a Cover-Up
Terrorism, Corruption and Media Complicity: FBI tries damage control, mounts phony "investigation" after lies, intimidation and suppression tactics fail to kill the messenger

"Hezbollah's security is as good as any in the world.  It's better than the KGB"
--Retired CIA officer Bob Baer

                                                  Headquarters Crime
                                                  Scene 07 MAR 2012
What a Tangled Web G Weave
How the incompetent and corrupt "best & brightest" were blindsided and the ensuing mega scandal they don't want anyone to know about

"The bureau's counter-terrorism capabilities have never been better."

--FBI Director Robert Mueller, 2005

"I still have very serious qualms"

--Sen. Patrick Leahy, March 2007

"Every time we turn around there is another enormous failure by the bureau"

--Sen. Arlen Specter, March 2007

The FBI and Department of Justice have proven they cannot be trusted to investigate their own misconduct. Contact your representatives and demand a thorough, independent Congressional investigation of this vile betrayal of the public trust.

The 'F' Files J.
                                              Edgar's Secret Briefs FBI
                                              Misconduct, Crimes and

05.28.13 Obama's Most Dangerous 'Enemies' are Being Targeted
There is a pattern emerging in the Obama Presidency. He is at war with reality; his greatest enemies are facts. And he has been targeting for years a small group of people whose duty is to expose the truth.

05.06.13 Media Will Either Ignore or Destroy Benghazi Whistleblowers

05.05.13 Excuses keep coming from Washington

03.05.13 Is the War on Terrorism Even Real?

02.28.13 DOJ spends millions on ‘nonmission’ luxury travel for Attorney General, FBI director
Justice Department spent $11.4 million to fly Attorney General and FBI director on FBI luxury jets for travel unrelated to the agency’s mission...“These luxury jets were supposedly needed for counterterrorism..."

08.02.12 FBI offers Congress factually-challenged "explanation" for letting Awlaki get away

07.18.12 Media, police and justice

05.18.12 Leak City: Did White House “spin” tip a covert op?

05.16.12 USG Crime Syndicate update: FBI investigating this leak, but not investigating this leak because the FBI was the leaker

04.28.12 Terrorist Plots, Hatched by the FBI
"The United States has been narrowly saved from lethal terrorist plots in recent years — or so it has seemed."

04.17.12 Why US Bounties on Terrorists Often Fail...according to the clueless brainiacs at StratFor

03.16.12 Senators "increasingly skeptical" about 'Top Secret' DOJ operation
"...we were initially inclined to take the executive branch’s assertions about the importance of this ‘operation’ at face value.”

03.14.12 New questions about FBI probe of Saudis' post-9/11 exodus
"The FBI mishandled its investigation of the travel of a Saudi prince and his companions out of Florida within days of the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001...its detailed report on the matter, drawn up for members of Congress and President George W. Bush, was inaccurate."

02.20.12 Fmr. senator: FBI statements on 9/11 probe at odds with classified documents
“An important investigative lead was not pursued and unsubstantiated statements were accepted as truth...troubled by what he sees as FBI headquarters’ persistent apparent effort to conceal information”

01.12.12 FBI Agent Deleted Emails in Terror Case

12.03.11 US Media: Distorters of Reality & Gravediggers of Truth
"Who said we didn’t go to MSM first?  We got them the info back in October.  First they were interested and drooling.  At least the reporters.  Then, they disappeared."

11.24.11 CIA Follies Put Agents at Risk
Clowns In Action try, and fail, to penetrate world's most dangerous terrorist organization.

11.20.11 Culture Shock

11.09.11 Ex-US Attorney Admits Leaking 'Fast and Furious' Document to Smear Whistleblower

10.10.11 Public ID of Woman Who Outed Boston Crime Boss James 'Whitey' Bulger Puts Tipster In Danger, Former Prosecutors Say

09.27.11 Air Force employee resigns over alleged spy ring

09.12.11 'Operation Fast and Furious' Coverup Not Unique

09.11.11 FBI dismissed Shukrijumah reports as "fanciful"

09.05.11 CIA's Push for Drone War Driven by Internal Needs

08.26.11 State Dept. spends terrorism and emergency dollars on parties, rented linens and a kitchen


07.16.11 P 021738Z FEB 06 FM AMEMB BEIRUT

06.30.11 Lt. Colonel Tool Tweets

06.29.11 Questions arise over FBI terror profile

06.29.11 Bulger Trail Cooled As Some FBI Tips Weren’t Pursued

06.23.11 New Changes to FBI Guidelines Call into Question Proposal to Extend FBI Director’s Term

05.11.11 Osama: Poster boy for defense waste
"To understand this bizarre dynamic, consider two things -- one, a set of numbers, another a simple photograph."

05.10.11 Salt Lake FBI office has serious national security lapses
“It’s a huge deal,” one FBI source said. “We’re talking about the pinnacle of law enforcement. And they’ve got corruption inside their own office.”

05.04.11 Pakistan says world intelligence failed

04.06.11 Congress Questions FBI Handling of Awlaqi Case

02.23.11 Role of FBI Is Questioned in Pirate Case (original NYT headline)

02.04.11 Obama "Disappointed" by Intel on Arab Unrest
Could be because 90% of CIA personnel are based...in the U.S.

02.03.11 Failures by FBI, Pentagon contributed to Ft. Hood massacre
13 killed, more than 30 wounded "needlessly" because government failed to act on information.

01.30.11 EFF: Widespread FBI Intelligence Violations
FBI may have committed upwards of 40,000 possible intelligence violations in the 9 years since 9/11.

12.17.10 Supposedly killed, wanted terrorist resurfaces

12.08.10 EFF: FBI Arbitrarily Covers Up Evidence of Misconduct


To Tell the Truth
When did we decide that revealing the truth about the government is wrong?

Brian Ross
                                                ABC News Chief
                                                Investigative Disney
Brian Ross Gets

U.S. agencies were forewarned about suspect in 2008 Mumbai bombings
A review being conducted for the director of national intelligence has found at least five cases in which U.S. agencies were warned that David Coleman Headley, who became a central figure in the 2008 attacks on Mumbai, was training or working with Pakistani militants.

FBI Falsely Claims Article on Hamas Operative ‘Totally Fabricated’ and Photo ‘Doctored’

Oops!  Confusion at Hoover building over which story they were supposed to lie about.

Cato @ Liberty
Here is the test of whether we still live in a society governed by the rule of law: Will anyone at the FBI be fired over the latest report out of the Office of the Inspector General?

09.17.10 FBI's Failure to Connect the Dots

Giving Intel the Fingar
Winston Churchill once said that you can always count on the Americans to do the right thing, but only after they've tried everything else.  In the matter of repairing what prevented our intelligence agencies from interdicting the 9-11 attacks, we're still in the "everything else" stage.

FBI & ICE Bury Terrorism Cases Behind the Wall
A stunning report by the Inspector General reveals that the turf war between the FBI and ICE (Immigrations and Customs Enforcement) has resulted in major terrorism cases being dropped or ignored by ICE agents so as to avoid working with FBI agents.

Like rats, they slink around in the dark, sniffing, nibbling...depositing their odious droppings.  They think we don't notice.  Come closer so we can stomp the s**t out of you cowardly vermin.

                                                November documents how
                                                crazed hijacker‚ George
                                                Giffe Jr. and
                                                accomplice‚ Bobby Wayne
                                                Wallace took a
                                                commercial aircraft and
                                                three hostages from a
                                                Nashville airport in the
                                                fall of 1971‚ and how an
                                                unprepared Federal
                                                Bureau of Investigation
                                                (FBI) responded with
                                                reckless‚ cavalier
                                                tactics that resulted in
                                                two innocent deaths

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