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Memoir of a Navy SEAL

By Chuck Pfarrer

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UDT-SEAL Obituary Records maintained
                              by Kerry King, Class 20


"Thank you for your quick response, you have saved us a major mistake."

VeriSEAL was formed in 1992 as an independent, internal unit of the Counter-Terrorism / Protection Group (CTP).  Our mission was to provide immediate confirmation of SEAL and other SOF credentials.  That mission was expanded to a gratis public service in 1994 with the commissioning of the 'Hall of Shame' under the auspices of 'The Teams' website (no longer online).  VeriSEAL was the first to make public a list of individuals identified masquerading as elite force operators.  'The Teams' was also the first Navy SEAL website.

VeriSEAL utilizes an exclusive proprietary database called SOFCHECK -- a compilation of VeriSEAL historical case files merged with the BUD/S database, which is a complete record of all graduates of Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL (BUD/S) training from the 1940s to current graduating BUD/S classes compiled by the Naval Special Warfare Center.  While the information contained in SOFCHECK is not classified, it is sensitive.  VeriSEAL maintains appropriate security measures and restricts direct database access to authorized CTP personnel only.

Numerous federal, state and local government agencies and the general public have utilized VeriSEAL to obtain SEAL and other Special Operations Forces background verification.  Approximately 95% of the subjects of verification requests are Navy SEAL or other SOF impostors.

All inquiries are strictly confidential.

"Thank you...you were much faster than BUPERS!"
-- Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS)

"I just wanted you to know that you were the only source who made any attempt to let people know.  Thank you again.  You have made a difference for me."
-- Lee Ann S.

"We've got hot issues burning every day -- a lot bigger than some guy claiming to be a SEAL."
-- CDR Jeff Bender
WARCOM Public Affairs Officer

May 6, 2005

"I am also trying to think of a way to combine the efforts of my office, VeriSEAL, NSW Foundation, Museum etc who all get requests to verify SEALs...There should be a way we can keep each other informed and track this stuff."
-- CDR Greg Geisen
WARCOM Public Affairs Officer
July 1, 2010

"Thank you very much...You may have saved lives!"
-- World Air Logistics, Inc.

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